This site contains the help files for School Fonts for iPhone.
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Notes for the update to 2.0 – August 2021
Thanks for using our app!
• We have upgraded the app to work with the new screen sizes for iPhones and iOS systems.
• Squashed a bug and added a few enhancements.

Notes for the update to 1.10 – Nov 2014 
Thanks for using our app!
• We added Airdrop support for iOS 7 and above for the iPhone 5S or later, iPad (4th generation or later), iPad Mini, iPod touch (5th generation) and to share with people using a Mac with Yosemite. Checkout for a demo on using Airdrop.
Thanks Apple, we love it!
• Squashed a bug and added a few enhancements.

1. Tracing accuracy checking and reporting added.
2. Free version added to iTunes to enable users to trial the features and functions. Free users can upgrade via inapp purchasing and can do the numbers complete. For Education Volume Purchase discounts you must purchase the full edition. Education discounts do not apply to inapp purchases.

Notes for the update to 1.2 – August 2012
1. After recording some ‘custom encouragements, to have only the ‘custom encouragements’ play, disable all in-built sounds via the ‘Customise encouragments’ screen.  The in-built sounds must turn grey and the red button read ‘Enable’ to be disabled. ‘ If you tap off some built-in sounds and add some additional custom sounds, then you will get a mix of the two.
2. By default, all encouragements are turned off when first installed.

General Notes….
1. To create a space in a word, use the underscore “_”
2. You can replace the sound, images and teacher example tracings from the customise screen.
3. If you enter in an email address into the settings, then at the end of completed lessons, the images and sounds will be emailed to you automatically.
4. Students can also supply audio recordings to lessons as well as traces.
5. The teacher example tracings, as the “Learn” button only have sounds for a, b and c in each font as examples. You can record your own sounds or tracing instructions in the ‘Customise” screen of the app. The complete alphabet sounds can be loaded from the demografix website at

Demonstration videos are available at

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